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Google Ads / AdWords broken down in details

Google advertising / AdWords is one of the services used by advertisers to promote their content, brand, website, etc online through certain defined keywords for traffic or leads. Advertising with google AdWords lets you gain more brand awareness by using keywords that relate to your topic.

Unique advertisement are made by AdWords with keywords that Google Search Engine users use to search the Internet. The ads on the top of the search engine that labeled “ad” and are under the heading “sponsored links” are called AdWords. Clicking your AdWords ad will take you to the website of the consumers of Google search.

Comparing to traditional marketing platforms such as TV and magazine advertising, online marketing is very tangible. Therefore, Google Ads PPC is one of the most tangible on-line networks. Moreover, to get precise metrics in SEO are challenging as you can not always know which acts have led to rankings being increased or lowered. This makes it difficult for your content to rank in the google searches. Therefore, Google Ads is more transparent in comparison to provide tonnes of PPC metrics. This shows what works and not in granular form.

Other forms of Digital Marketing include Facebook Ads , SEO , Email Marketing and many more.

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